Initiating A Relationship

Working with me...

doug-aviAll my working relationships begin with a single word: “Hello.”

Often, when we first start to chat the prospective client isn’t even certain what they want.  They know that they aren’t satisfied with the way their organization is being perceived. Maybe it’s not enough visibility. Maybe it’s too much of the wrong kind of visibility. It might be that employee morale has sunk and people don’t seem to be sharing the same vision or the same passion for attaining that vision.  Maybe it’s a need to infuse more energy into a product launch, or achieve better understanding and more support among investors. Good news. Bad news. Crisis. Whatever the reason.  The communications strategy may be ill-conceived or badly executed.  It needs some new and different thinking.

Usually, the call comes from someone who has already heard a lot (probably too much) about PR and online communications, events, advertising, et al — and way too little thinking.  So, during our first chat I’ll ask a bunch of questions designed not to get you to make a decision, but to help you (and me) think more clearly about the issues you’re confronting. I might suggest approaches to see where your boundaries are, how risk averse or bold you want to be, or what the real goals are.  After a few minutes, cloudy thinking starts to take shape.  Issues become defined more clearly.  Approaches start to identify themselves.

That all happens in the first call.  And, usually, it continues in more depth during a second meeting. There’s no fee, and there’s no quid pro quo that you will retain me.  It’s simply the best way to start a relationship (or not) with the highest possible odds for ultimate success.  Our first chat can be by email, text, phone, Skype, in-person — whatever is most convenient for you.

There’s nothing to lose, and even if we end up not working together, you’re likely to get some thought-provoking ideas even from our initial chat. It all starts with you saying “hello.”  Give it a try.

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